Makeup Tips of 2018

It often feels like the vast majority of men are concentrated on women from other countries. You hear more regularly than previous about men dreaming about Ukrainian brides, and when you check those online dating services that are offering Slavic dating you can understand why. Those women look gorgeous. Of course they put out the finest pictures that they have, but you won't be able to explain that to men. Men tend to believe the things they see with their own eyes. So, what is left for you? Well, by using simple makeup, you will easily make men switch from Slavic girls back. So, let's check out makeup tips.

Dust Powder on the Eyelids

You want your hooded eyelids to stay perfect, but even a waterproof liner ends up being smudged allover. There are many different brands of liners who assure you that their liners won't smudge over your crease. But we all know that it's nothing but the marketing trick, and in the end you would look like the punk-rock star. That's not what men are expecting a girl to look like. Punk-rock or goth eyelids are probably the reasons why men are hunting for girlfriends from post-Soviet countries. Thus, you need to stay away from that as far as possible. Otherwise, you would lose the fight. So, what should you do? Sweep just a bit of your eyes shadows on your shadow brush before and after you start making your eye makeover. There is no need to be afraid that it would alter the color, as it won't. The main thing is that it soaks oil and it stays that way.

Tiny Brush for Natural-Looking Lashes

Yep, no one likes when your lashes look nothing but artificial. Everybody wants their lashes to look natural. Of course, the vast majority of the articles on makeup that you are going to read are going to state that you can only achieve the natural-looking lashes by using thick mascara brushes. This idea is very popular and widespread, but thick mascara brushes just don't work this way. If you struggle to achieve that natural-looking lashes, you should switch to tiny and thin brushes. "Oh, come on! It doesn't deposit enough mascara!", you would say, but that's the main point. Thanks to the fact that a tiny brush doesn't deposit a lot of mascara, your face doesn't look that spidery or overdone. So, you can make your makeup look natural by using the tiny brushes.

Wing Your Cat Eye Upward

People tend make many mistakes when they try to do the cat-eye makeup and we can’t avoid this topic. Remember, never ever draw the line that goes directly to your ear. This is the most common mistake that people make. It makes your eyes look droopy, which is definitely not your desired result. Makeup is science and cat-eye is no exception. So, how to make your cat-eye perfect? If you draw the line straight to your ear, then you wing your cat-eye outward, and that's the wrong decision. The right decision is to draw it upward, i.e. up toward the ends of your eyebrows. You can create a perfect cat-eye by drawing to the upward direction of your lower lash line.

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