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Hello and welcome to Ladysilk.Net, home of my Regency Romance novel A Very Merry Chase and a Regency lover’s resource dedicated to the people, places, literature, fashions, on-dits, language and history generally contemporary to the early 19th century in England and the Regency Romance genre in particular. So why do I say early 19th century history in general and the Regency Romance era in particular…?

Officially, most historians will agree that the dates of Regency Romance Era England extend only from 1811 to 1820 when King George III was deemed unfit to rule by reason of insanity and his son Prince George IV-more familiarly known to all lovers of Regency Romance era novels as Prinny-ruled by proxy as the Prince Regent. However, as I, and most lovers of the Regency Romance era in general will quickly tell you, they don’t really care so much for the formal politics of the era as they do the culture, architecture, literature, fashions, and romanticized societal norms. It is, in fact, the unique culture of the era and the romantic doings of the wealthy classes as most often presented by Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer that draw the Regency aficionado ‘s attention and hold our hearts. Therefore, for these purposes, this most romantic of eras can easily be extended beyond the official dates of the Regency from 1795 when “Prinny” the son of King George III wed Caroline of Brunswick, until-at the very least-his own death as King George IV in 1830 when the crown was passed to his brother Edward IV and even beyond that point until Queen Victoria ascended the British throne in 1837 ushering in a genuine era of change.

Teresa Thomas Bohannon

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