15 ‘Sexy’ Natural Stimulators in our daily Food that Tune to Loving Mood

Before you decide to try to positively affect your reproductive system you must know that there are many food products that have special nutrients. These nutrients if you eat them regularly will help you to stay in good shape and will positively influence your erotic activity.


Celery stems contain aldosterone the male sexual hormone. It pumps more blood to the genital organs thus increasing sexual activity for both men and women. To get the best effect you must eat raw celery. Don’t expose it to high temperatures.

Fresh oyster

They are the most popular aphrodisiac. Fresh oysters are classical libido stimulators and they improve sperm quality and stimulate the level of hormone testosterone. They can provide a lot of zinc and dopamine, a pleasure hormone (sexual pleasure included). Oysters must be cocked right to be able to positively affect your body. Remember, raw fresh oysters with a lemon cause the best effect.


Pineapples contain an enzyme called bromelain which helps digestion and enhances male libido. Moreover, they contain a lot of potassium and group B vitamins that enhance anyone’s mood and increase physical activity.


Almonds can provide you with fatty acids, a material necessary for your organism to build sex hormones. It’s also believed that the smell of almonds positively affects the intensity of erotic desire in women. That’s why this nut often becomes one of the components of men's perfumes.


Chicken and quail eggs hold a lot of B6 and B5 vitamins. They help to control the hormonal balance thus aiding your body to cope with stress, which often causes a decrease in sexual desire.


There is plenty of glutamine in liver. It feeds our brain, activates our memory and attention, has a strong anti-stress effect and helps your glands to supply you with hormones.


Figs are rich in amino acids that positively affect libido. The best thing about figs is that they retain their properties for a long time. Therefore, you can consume them both fresh and dried.


Garlic contains allicin, it is the best antioxidant that mankind knows which, together with extra nutrients, increases the blood flow into the genital area.


You can find zinc, A and B vitamins in pistachios. They have an exciting effect by arousing his or her sexual desire.


The composition of dark chocolate includes theobromine, a substance that is close to caffeine and phenethylamine, a one of pleasure hormones that can cause euphoria.


The ancient Aztecs used to call Avocado “the testicle tree”. This fruit contains a high level of folic acid; it promotes the metabolism of proteins; thus giving your body extra energy. Moreover, avocado contains vitamin B6 and a lot of potassium those are recognized as brilliant aphrodisiacs for men and women.


Caviar got on this list thanks to vitamins A, C, PP, B2, B6, and B12 and zinc. This product is excellent as a separate dish for a romantic date. It nourishes, turns you on, and is easily digested.

Wheat sprouts

Wheat sprouts are not only containing a lot of vitamin E, the famous ‘sex’ driver, but also it contains plenty of ostocenanol, a well-known spermatogenic factor. Just one sip of wheat sprouts oil per day is enough to increase sexual ability.


Asparagus is a time-proven cure for prostate diseases. It contains a lot of phosphorus and calcium, has some vitamin A and potassium. It’s believed to be a romantic food.


Mushrooms are used as an aphrodisiac mainly due to their look. But apart from that, there are a lot of proteins and zinc in them, which makes them a great source of sexual energy.

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