Regency Romance Era Thieves and Sporting Slang V

A Very Merry Chase Regency Romance Era Lexicon Of Relevant Terms


VAGARIES. Frolics, wild rambles.

VAIN-GLORIOUS, or OSTENTATIOUS MAN. One who boasts without reason.

VAMP. To refit, new dress, or rub up old hats, shoes or other wearing apparel; likewise to put new feet to old boots.

VAMPER. Stockings.

VAN-NECK. Miss or Mrs. Van-Neck; a woman with large breasts; a bushel bubby.

VARDY. To give one’s vardy; i.e. verdict or opinion.

VARLETS. Now rogues and rascals, formerly yeoman’s servants.

VARMENT. Natty, dashing. He is quite varment, he is quite the go.

VAULTING SCHOOL. An academy where vaulting and other manly exercises are taught.

VELOCIPED or PEDESTIRAN CURRICLE. A two-wheeled precursor to the bicycle.  Popular during the year 1819, it quickly went out of favor and was not replaced by the bicycle for approximately 50 years.  The velociped did not have pedals or breaks, just foot power, handlebars and tall wheels.

VELVET. To tip the velvet; to put one’s tongue into a woman’s mouth. i.e. French Kiss.

VENUS’S CURSE. The venereal disease.

VINCENT’S LAW. The art of cheating at cards, by the banker, who plays booty, Gripe, who bets, and the Vincent, who is cheated. The gain is called termage.

VINGT-ET-UN. Blackjack, a game where players bet on being able to draw cards without going over 21.

VIXEN. A termagant; also a she fox, who, when she has cubs, is remarkably fierce.

VOUCHSAFED. To allow or permit, to swear or attest.

VOWEL. A gamester who does not immediately pay his losings, is said to vowel the winner, by repeating the vowels I. O. U..

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