Regency Romance Era Thieves and Sporting Slang U

A Very Merry Chase Regency Romance Era Lexicon Of Relevant Terms


UNCLE. Mine uncle’s; a necessary house. He is gone to visit his uncle; saying of one who leaves his wife soon after marriage. It likewise means a pawnbroker’s: goods pawned are frequently said to be at mine uncle’s, or laid up in lavender.

UNDERSTRAPPER. An inferior in any office, or department.



UNICORN. A coach drawn by three horses.

UNLICKED CUB. A rude uncouth young fellow.

UNRIGGED. Undressed, or stripped.

UNTWISTED. Undone, ruined, done up.

UP TO THEIR GOSSIP. To be a match for one who attempts to cheat or deceive; to be on a footing, or in the secret. I’ll be up with him; I will repay him in kind.

UPHILLS. False dice that run high.

UPPER BENJAMIN. A great coat.

UPPER STORY, or GARRET. Figuratively used to signify the head.

UPPING BLOCK. Steps for mounting a horse.

UPPISH. Testy, apt to take offence.

UPSTARTS. Persons lately raised to honours and riches from mean stations.

URCHIN. A child, a little fellow; also a hedgehog.

USED UP. Killed.

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