Regency Romance Era Thieves and Sporting Slang Q

Very Merry Chase Regency Romance Era Lexicon Of Relevant Terms


QUACK. An ungraduated ignorant pretender to skill in physic, a vender of nostrums.

QUACK-SALVER. A mountebank: a seller of salves.


QUAG. Abbreviation of quagmire; marshy moorish around.

QUARTERED. Divided into four parts; to be hanged, drawn, and quartered, is the sentence on traitors and rebels. Persons receiving part of the salary of an office from the holder of it, by virtue of an agreement with the donor, are said to be quartered on him. Soldiers billetted on a publican are likewise said to be quartered on him.

QUASH. To suppress, annul or overthrowt.

QUEAN. A slut, or worthless woman, a strumpet.

QUEEN DICK. Something that does not and never has existed. Never.

QUEEN STREET. A man governed by his wife, is said to live in Queen street, or at the sign of the Queen’s Head.

QUEER, or QUIRE. Base, roguish, bad, naught, worthless, odd or uncommon.


QUEER. To puzzle or confound.

QUIBBLE. To make subtle distinctions; also to play upon words.

QUIDS. Cash, money. Can you tip me any quids? can you lend me some money?

QUIPPS. Girds, taunts, jests.

QUIRKS AND QUILLETS. Tricks and devices. Quirks in law; subtle distinctions and evasions.

QUIZ. A strange-looking fellow, an odd dog.

QUIZZING GLASS. A single eyeglass or monocle.

QUOD. Newgate, or any other prison. The dab’s in quod; the poor rogue is in prison.

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