Regency Romance Era Thieves and Sporting Slang J

A Very Merry Chase Regency Romance Era Lexicon Of Relevant Terms


JACK. A farthing, a small bowl serving as the mark for bowlers. Also, an instrument for pulling off boots.

JACK COVE. A sloven, dirty fellow.

JACK PUDDING. The merry andrew, zany, or jester to a mountebank.

JACKANAPES. An ape; a pert, ugly, little fellow.

JADE. A term of reproach to women.

JAPANNED. Ordained. To be japanned; to enter into holy orders.

JARVIS or JARVEY A hackney coachman.

JASON’S FLEECE. A citizen cheated of his gold.

JIG. A trick.

JILT. A tricking woman, who encourages the addresses of a man whom she means to deceive and abandon.

JILTED. Rejected by a woman who has encouraged one’s advances.

JOB. A guinea.

JOB’S COMFORT. Reproof instead of consolation.

JOB’S COMFORTER. One who brings news of some additional misfortune.

JOBATION. A reproof.


JOB. Any robbery. To do a job; to commit some kind of robbery.

JOHNNY BUM. A he or jack ass: so called by a lady that affected to be extremely polite and modest, who would not say Jack because it was vulgar, nor ass because it was indecent.

JOINT. A large piece of meat to be carved.

JOINTURE. A widow’s share or income.

JOLLY DOG. A merry facetious fellow.

JUKRUM. A licence.

JUMBLEGUT LANE. A rough road or lane.

JUMPERS. Persons who rob houses by getting in at the windows.

JUNIPER LECTURE. A round scolding bout.

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