07 NovRegency Romance LOL Contest Entries - Which One Should I Choose?

Regency Romance LOL Contest Entries - Which One Should I Choose?

As it turns out, promoting my Regency Romance novel, A Very Merry Chase is almost more work than writing it…and definitely more work than editing it. I can’t honestly say that promoting it is more time consuming, however, since I actually first wrote it about 35 years ago and only this year got around to doing a final edit and publishing it.

Anyway, between my blog posts, twitters, facebooking, guest blog posts, articles on writing, independent and self-publishing, making up promotional packages, creating complimentary ebooks, and now entering a Regency LOL contest…I’ve haven’t had time to work on my newest novel in weeks.
(If you would like to help me promote it there is a free promotional package that you can give away from your own site with your affiliate links in the book, or you can like me on facebook or twitter about the freebies on your twitter account.)

Meanwhile Risky Regencies 2010 Regency LOL Contest has begun and I’ve made up six Regency LOLs. If you don’t know what a LOL is visit the adorable LOL Cats at I Can Has Cheez Burgers for a real treat. But please, before you go running off, “Pliz” help me choose which one of my Regency LOLs I should submit for the contest.

Smiles and Good Fortune,

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Unfortunately, I didn’t win…but I did receive an honorable mention. Oh well…C’est La Vie. The winners are posted here.
Risky Regencies 2010 Regency LOL Contest Winners..

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