20 DecRegency Romance Era Lingerie Slideshow and Virtual Regency Heroine and Hero Dress Up Dolls

While doing some research today I found a fabulous slideshow presentation of Regency Romance Era-Early 19th Century lingerie  i.e. ladies undergarments. This presentation was put together by Amy Rua and utilizes the delightful Regency Dress Up Doll by Savivi for Regency Romance Era Heroines by the comic artist Savivi and as an added delight Savivi also offers a Regency Dress Up Doll for Regency Romance Era Heroes.  These are interactive applications that allow you to have a virtual Regency Romance Era Dress Up Doll of your very own! HINT: Hit your reload buttons if the Dress Up Doll Application does not work the first time.

If you have ever wondered what the inexpressibles or small clothes worn by the Regency Romance era heroines and heroes actually looked like and how they were worn, these two ladies have put together two marvelous treats that all lovers of  historical novels in general and Regency Romance era novels in particular will truly enjoy.

Slide 1

Empire lingerie Regency undergarments

Slide 2

Drawers  / ????????? 1810-20 1820-s

Slide 3

Hem trimming / ??????? ????

Slide 4

modern pictures

Slide 5

Chemise /shift/ ???????

Slide 7

modern pictures

Slide 8

Corset / Stays / ??????

Slide 9


Slide 10


Slide 11

1800-1810s modern pictures

Slide 12

1820s modern pictures

Slide 13


Slide 14

Bodiced petticoat / ?????? ???? 1800s 1820s

Slide 15

1824 1811 1822

Slide 16


Slide 17

Day dressing

Slide 18

Evening dressing

Slide 19

This presentation was put together by Amy Rua from the following sources.

Regency Fashion Page by Cathy Decker

Jessamyn’s Regency Costume Companion by Jessamyn and David Reeves-Brown

Regency Women’s Fashion from the Jane Austen Centre Website

Sense and Sensibility site by Jennie E. Chancey

Regency Dress Up Doll by savivi

This Regency Dress Up Doll is a particular delight.  If you love Regency Fashions, or just like playing with great online toys…you simply must try it. :)

Teresa Thomas Bohannon
Author of the Regency Romance Novel
A Very Merry Chase

Officially, most historians will agree that the dates of Regency Romance Era England extend only from 1811 to 1820 when King George III was deemed unfit to rule by reason of insanity and his son Prince George IV-more familiarly known to all lovers of Regency Romance era novels as Prinny-ruled by proxy as the Prince Regent.  However, as I, and  most lovers of the Regency Romance era in general, will quickly tell you, they don’t really care as much for the formal politics of the era as they do the culture, architecture, literature, fashions, and romanticized societal norms.  It is, in fact, the unique culture of the era and the romantic doings of the wealthy classes as most often presented by Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer that draw the Regency lover’s attention and hold our hearts.  Therefore, for these purposes, this most romantic of eras can easily be extended from 1795 when The Prince Regent wed Caroline of Brunswick, until his death as King George IV in 1830, and even beyond, until the death of his brother and heir William IV in 1837, when Queen Victoria ascended the British throne ushering in an era of change.

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  1. Meredith Miller says:

    Interesting application! Certainly puts a face to those characters!

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