19 JanA Very Merry Chase Regency Romance Book Trailer Featuring Canon D

Hello and thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoy my video book trailer for my Regency Romance novel, A Very Merry Chase. Tell me, were you drawn in by Johann Pachelbel’s beautiful Canon D playing in the background, or the chance to see my handsome highwaymen in action? I tried to create my video with the same, mostly lighthearted, sense of humor and playful language that you’ll find in the novel itself.

Also, as an added treat, if you click on the You Tube logo, you can see my Regency Romance era Fashion Show, hosted, of course by the hero and heroine of my novel, The Honorable Lady Sabrina St. Clair, and Brenton, Lord Branderly, Duke of Brensted. I’m really quite proud of them-they managed to make it through the entire show without squabbling even once.

After you’ve enjoyed the video book trailer and video fashion show, please take a moment to download the free sample chapter of A Very Merry Chase or-even better-to pop on over to Amazon or Barnes and Noble to purchase the entire book.

Teresa Thomas Bohannon
Author of the Regency Romance novel
A Very Merry Chase

Officially, most historians will agree that the dates of Regency Romance Era England extend only from 1811 to 1820 when King George III was deemed unfit to rule by reason of insanity and his son Prince George IV-more familiarly known to all lovers of Regency Romance era novels as Prinny-ruled by proxy as the Prince Regent. However, as I, and most lovers of the Regency Romance era in general will quickly tell you, they don’t really care so much for the formal politics of the era as they do the culture, architecture, literature, fashions, and romanticized societal norms. It is, in fact, the unique culture of the era and the romantic doings of the wealthy classes as most often presented by Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer that draw the Regency lover’s attention and hold our hearts. Therefore, for these purposes, this most romantic of eras can easily be extended from 1795 when The Prince Regent wed Caroline of Brunswick, until his death as King George IV in 1830, and even beyond, until the death of his brother and heir William IV in 1837, when Queen Victoria ascended the British throne ushering in an era of change.

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