Ladysilk's Parlour featuring scintilating, sassy, sexy, sixties sophisticated movie starlet style vintage lingerie peignoirs and negligees

Featuring Scintilatingly Sassy Sexy Silky Satiny Sixties Movie Starlet Style Vintage Lingerie
Full Sweep Gowns, Peignoirs, Silk, Satin & Lace
Designed For Women
Who Want To Enhance Both Their
Personal & Professional Lives

Do Yourself A Favor.
Make a Dream Come True.
For At Least Once In Your Life Know The Dramatically Delicious Pleasure
Of Sweeping into Room Like A Sixties Movie Goddess!

No matter what your size, shape, height or weight, you will look alluring in a full sweep gown in satin or silk that tightly caresses your bust, lightly skims your waist and hips, and dances around your ankles with 200 inches of sexy, swirling hem. Cover it with a long sleeved peignor, open enticingly down the front, that floats lightly behind you as you walk and you'll make all those long ago fantasies of the luxuriously sophisticated woman you longed to be when you grew up...come true.

Do it for him or her,
but most of all do it for yourself.

Glamorous Vintage Lingerie - look like a movie star or just feel like one.

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Glamorous Vintage Lingerie - look like a movie star or just feel like one.

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